Kuddnäs museum


The childhood home of Zacharias Topelius, Kuddnäs museum

Kuddnäs, the childhood home of author, journalist and historian Zacharias Topelius, consists of five well-preserved buildings, forming a prosperous rural estate, dating back to the early 19th century. Since 1934, Kuddnäs has been a museum, open daily during the summer season.

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 Jakobstadsvägen 22, Nykarleby

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Nykarleby Railroad

Nykarleby jernvag Small

Welcome to Nykarleby Railroad by the Kovjoki mainlaine station! Make an excursion aboard our historical trains and enjoy the scenic route. It´s an experience you´ll never forget.

In 1889, the City of Nykarleby received a tentative certificate of operation for a narrow gauge railroad. The plan was to connect the mainline station of Kovjoki to the city of Nykarleby and its harbour at the Baltic.

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 Ångloksvägen 113, Kovjoki

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Nykarleby Museum

nykarlebymuseum exterior

The Nykarleby Museum was established by Josef Herler (1886-1968). The museum is furnished as a home of upperclass-people to illustrate the trading and seafaring traditions of the old town. The museum is located in the former northern custom-house. The museum contains a unique collection of dresses worn by the upperclasses in Nykarleby in the 19th century. A technical museum also belongs to the museum, which has artifacts such as a printingpress, etc.

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Jakobstadsvägen 5, Nykarleby

School Museum

skolmuseum klass

An important forerunner within education is Anders Svedberg's elementary school in Munsala, founded in 1862. The school was the first elementary school in Swedish-speaking Finland, and teachers were also trained there. Pupils came from all over Ostrobothnia, from Åland and Petersburg. The schoolhouse is preserved and Finland's Swedish School Museum has taken care of it and also published a history of the school.

 050 300 1037

 Storsvedsvägen, Munsala

The Local History Museum in Jeppo

jeppohembygdsmuseum exterior

The Local History Museum in Jeppo is owned by the regional history society in Jeppo which has wished to preserve and document a peasant's home from the last century. The local history museum is open to the public in summer. The regional history society usually arranges a festival or a handicraft day in summer.

 0400 017 642

Kyrkvägen 105, Jeppo

The Local History Museum in Munsala

munsalahembygdsmuseum exterior

The Local History Museum in Munsala is owned by a regional history society.

The local history museum is open to the public in summer.

 040 5914270

Södra Munsalavägen 71, Munsala



Santa Claus Museum


Santa's Farm is an old from the 1730's peasant milieu. Buildings include the museum of Santa Claus with a big the Collection of old and antique Santa Clauses, Christmas elves, mechanical Santa Clauses, old Christmas decorations from around the world.

 0400-907 523

 Aspnäsvägen 150, Pensala

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The old Soldier’s smallholding


The old Tenement Soldier’s smallholding in Ytterjeppo

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Lövasvägen, Ytterjeppo




The KWH Industrial Museum in Jeppo


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Keppogränd, Jeppo

The Local History Museum in Kovjoki


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 Lukusvägen 9-11, Kovjoki

The Smeds Farm Museum


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 Socklotvägen 326, Socklot

The Farm Museum


044 241 0940

 Åminnevägen, Nykarleby