Nykarleby Jernväg

Nykarleby jernvag Small

Welcome to Nykarleby Railroad by the Kovjoki mainlaine station! Make an excursion aboard our historical trains and enjoy the scenic route. It´s an experience you´ll never forget.

In 1889, the City of Nykarleby received a tentative certificate of operation for a narrow gauge railroad. The plan was to connect the mainline station of Kovjoki to the city of Nykarleby and its harbour at the Baltic

  06 722 5180

 Ångloksvägen 113, Kovjoki

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Juthbacka manor-house

Juthbacka herrgard Upplev Sevardheter

Juthbacka is a modern tourist centre in an old manorial environment. The main building at Juthbacka manor-house was built by lieutenant Carl Backman and was completed in 1821.

The estate itself dates from the 17th century. Juthbacka Tourist Centre offers a restaurant, hotel rooms, camping site, summer cottages and sauna.

 06 7220 677

 Juthasvägen 34, Nykarleby

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The monument of G.C von Döbeln


The monument of G.C von Döbeln was erected in remembrance of Major-General Georg Carl von Döbeln, who led the battle of Jutas on 13th September 1808, when the Russian army was beaten off.

The battle is widely known through the poem of J.L Runeberg called "Döbeln vid Jutas" (= Döbeln at Jutas) in the "Fänrik Ståls sägner" (= the legends of Second Lieutenant Stål).

The monument can be seen at the battlefield about 3 km outside the town.

Brostugan - Summer Cafe


Summer cafe

Brostugan is owned by the town of Nykarleby and a summer café is housed there now. Brostugan is especially popular and known for its wall paintings, the work of Gunnar Clement in 1941, with subjects from the history of the town. Brostugan is one of the town's historically valuable buildings

 Seminariegatan 2, Nykarleby
Closed summer 2019


The Water tower, Café Panorama

resizedimage229136 panorama

Summer cafe Panorama

The water tower in Nykarleby was built in 1964. In the summer cafe which is situated, 69 meter over the sea, you will find the best view in our region.

 Mathesiusgatan, Nykarleby

The Emigrant House


Emigrant Elvira Sundell, was bor in in 1906 in Johannesburg, South Africa Afrika. She bequeathed her property to Vexala byaforskare r.f.

The Emigrant House is used for e.g. meetings and parties.

 Rävmossavägen 6 B, Vexala

 050 5458102

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Tullmagasinet Large

Summer Cafe Tullmagasinet by the sea at Andra sjön in Nykarleby.

050-433 6004

 Andrasjövägen 326, Nykarleby



The Town Hall - The Town Hall Gallery

Raadhuset Medium

Art and Culture

06 7856481

Kyrkogatan 4, Nykarleby



St. Birgitta Church

Kyrkan i natten Large

St. Birgitta Church, which lies by the bridge crossing the river of Nykarleby, is one of the most famous sights of the town. The church was built in 1708 and is considered one of the most beautiful in Ostrobothnia.

The ceiling paintings in the church date from the 18th century and are the work of Daniel Hjulström and Johan Alm. The paintings on the windows behind the altar were painted by Lennart Segerstråhle in 1940.

The church is open every day during summer months (10.00 - 18.00)

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The Church of Munsala


The beautiful grey granite church in Munsala dates from 1784 and has the oldest organ in use in the whole country. It was built in 1736 by Ericus German, restored and reconsecrated in 1974. In the church there is also a fine wooden sculpture of Bishop Henrik

The church is open every day during summer months (10.00 - 16.00)



The Church in Jeppo


The cruciform wooden church in Jeppo was built in 1861. It houses a Thelin-organ from 1770, decorated with wooden sculptures. The oldest sculpture represents King David and dates back to late Catholic times i.e. to the 15th century. The altar piece is painted by Alexandra Såltin and represents Mary Magdalena by the empty grave on Easter morning.

The shurch is open monday-friday during summer months (9-16)