The town of Nykarleby

Staden Nykarleby

Welcome to spend a day in Nykarleby, a town with history and future!

We begin the day at Juthbacka mansion where we tell you about Nykarleby. We have lunch at Juthbacka restaurant, after that we will continue with a guided tour of the town.

Please contact us and we will make a suitable package for you regarding the town of Nykarleby.

Nature’s Nykarleby

Naturens Nykarleby

The people of Nykarleby love the ocean and the nature.

Welcome to spend a day with nature in focus. We begin the day with coffee at Juthbacka mansion. Afterwards we offer a nature experience according to Your wishes.

Canoeing in our archipelago, a refreshing hike in beautiful terrain or why not an excursion to the ocean where we enjoy lunch made over open fire?

The cultural Nykarleby

Kulturens Nykarleby

During this day we offer You a smorgosbord of culture in our town. What about a visit at Zacharias Topelius childhood home Kuddnäs, the railwaymuseum Nykarleby Jernväg in Kovjoki, the museum of schools in Storsved or a visit at the G. C. von Döbeln monument over the battle at Jutas 1808?

The day ends for example with a coffee and the wonderful waffle at the summercafé of ancient lineage, Brostugan.


Business Nykarleby

Business Nykarleby

”Business Nykarleby” offers an extensive and full package of information regarding business in Nykarleby.

We begin the day with coffee at Juthbacka mansion where you will also get information regarding the businesslife, past and present, in Nykarleby. After a delicious lunch we will visit a company according to your choise.

Welcome to the versatile town of entrepreneurs!

Please feel free to call me if you require any further information


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Mikaela Smedinga

Did you find an interesting package?

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to guide you. Welcome to Nykarleby!

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